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New Stickies v7.0a comes with new features, changes, and fixes

Recall Stickies [1], one of dotTech’s most favorite sticky note programs. Back when I reviewed Stickies it was v6.7a. Since then the developer of Stickies has been hard at work and has released v7.0a. v7.0a brings new wonders to us Stickies fans:

What’s new since version 6.7a

New features

  • Image stickies
  • Unicode titles
  • “Show System windows” checkbox in Attach dialog
  • Attached stickies can be set to only appear if the window is visible (not minimised)
  • “Snap back to transparent” option
  • Sticky ID added to properties
  • 33 new API commands
  • New sticky from clipboard
  • Sleep until / Tomorrow added to Sleep menu
  • PDA keys can now be entered in Stickies
  • Text background highlighting
  • stickies.1wk now written after one week of continuous operation
  • Live preview of setting transparency
  • Control-F now searches text within a sticky
  • Stickies can be moved directly from any category to any other in the Manage dialog
  • Backup function
  • Drop shadows
  • Font name MRU list
  • Sticky colour can be set in the Manage dialog
  • Sticky colour is now shown in the Manage dialog
  • Individual Desktop stickies can be hidden/revealed in the Manage dialog
  • Recovery dialog for when Stickies detects an error with the data file
  • “Ghost” mode for Desktop stickies can be set from the Manage dialog so they’re not clickable
  • Individual Stickies can have different skins (alt-s to choose, shift-alt-s to return to default)
  • RTL (right-to-left) default option for new stickies, and left shft+control / right shift+control to set paragraphs
  • New sticky “force title on create” option
  • “Locked stickies are also frozen in place” option
  • “Rolled stickies have an alternate position” option. Hold shift as you toggle rolled to reset
  • Two new global shortcuts, “new sticky from clipboard” and “show manage dialog”
  • New sizing method – hold alt and click near the edge of a text sticky to resize it
  • A sync of Friends can now be set to happen every X minutes


  • Tab order fixed on Properties dialog
  • Tab order fixed on Manage dialog
  • Tabbing around the options dialog now works better
  • Stickies complely within, or surrounding others, are now correctly included in bulk operations
  • Bug when unable to store multiple using bulk select fixed – the OK button is no longer grayed out
  • “DLL not found” error better handled
  • Closing an attached and visible sticky now discards the attach information
  • Occasional failure to snap bug fixed
  • Links in the About dialog now open more reliably
  • Editing the wake time of a sleeping sticky now sets the “user” checkboxes correctly
  • Can now add file associations under 64-bit Windows (but still not remove them)
  • Double-control taps to bring up the favourite friend list are now more reliable
  • Storing a sticky using a skin button now works correctly
  • Bulk-storing a number of stickies sets the right title for the sticky clicked
  • Enabling SMTP email without specifying an email address now displays an error
  • Bulk actions now apply to rolled stickies as well


  • It’s now clearer the window title and class can be edited in the Attach dialog
  • sstore.ini can no longer be imported
  • Colour picker dialog improved
  • “Default height for text” is disabled when scrollbars are disabled
  • Version of Stickies written into data file
  • “Open Friends dialog” has moved from Control-F to Control-Shift-F
  • F2 edits the sticky title
  • The default for dragging from stored to desktop is now move, not copy
  • The last selected category in the Manage dialog is now stored
  • Manage dialog can now be maximised
  • Sleep for > 6 added
  • Trying to sleep or set an alarm in the past now displays an informative message
  • Alarm borders now fade instead of flashing
  • The return code form file:// links is now added to the debug log
  • Windows 7 is now recognised
  • Added “Sender:” and “Date:” SMTP headers
  • Best available Windows file open/save dialog is now used
  • Rolled Up / Unrolled menu items
  • Right-click menu item in Manage to edit properties of sleeping/recurring/attached
  • Command line options:
    • -close
    • -shc:on
    • -shc:off
    • -recover
    • -norecover
  • Options dialog rearranged and some text updated for better use of screen, and to keep similar options together. Styles dialog integrated into the Options dialog, and an “Apply now” button added for skin preview
  • Alt-r toggles rolled mode
  • Alt-c inserts a checkbox
  • Number of selected stickies displayed when performing bulk operations
  • Triple-clicking a line now also selected the CR at the end of the line
  • The -hidden command line option is now an checkbox in options
  • Arial font changed to “Arial Unicode MS” in font list
  • Closing the application appears to happen faster
  • No application restart required to change the “Clicking one sticky makes all stickies visible” option
  • Closing a sticky doesn’t bring forward another when the “Clicking one sticky makes all stickies visible” option is unchecked
  • The text area no longer shows when a sticky using a skin with the “rolled height” larger than the “top gap” is rolled up
  • The large text at the top of the About dialog uses a better font
  • Stickies can now be sized from the top edge and corners
  • Can no longer set a style and then immediately open it by holding shift
  • Control-s is now “Save As”
  • Exporting to CSV from the Manage dialog now writes a heading row
  • The default skin title grab area is wider to also cover the “Attached” indicator
  • Unique ID written to the data file
  • The .sti file format has altered and is not backwards compatible

After you are done reading that insanely long change log, you can download Stickies v7.0a from the following link:

Version reviewed:


Supported OS:

Officially: Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP and Vista.

Unofficially: Windows 7

Special instructions:

If you are upgrading, just close Stickies (if you have it running) and install v7.0a over it. You will not lose any of your current stickies or data. Also, take note in v7.0a the default action for dragging from store to desktop is now move instead of copy.

Stickies homepage [2] [direct download [3]]