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Windows Phone “Blue” update leaked, shows off notification center (finally) and more

windowsphoneblue [1]

If this leak turns out to be legitimate, and according to numerous sources it most likely is, Windows Phone users are about to get a much-needed feature: a notification center.

A user on Reddit purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 off of eBay, and the phone came with an internal Windows Phone beta for its OS. According to The Verge, this particular version of the OS is actually an early build of what is called Windows Phone Blue. If that name somehow doesn’t ring a bell, the upcoming update for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, was often referred to as Windows Blue before officially being revealed.

Besides the notification center, the leaked OS also showed a number of other improvements: a redesigned calendar, new sorting options for the app list, and the ability to close apps in the multitasking view. There’s most definitely other things about this update we don’t quite know yet, but we’ll probably have to wait for Microsoft’s official word to find out the rest.

But so far, it looks like Windows Blue is shaping up to be a solid update for Windows Phone users. And yes, I say that just because of the notification center.

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