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If the iPhone 6 looks this awesome, I will buy it [Image]

iphone_6_concept_1 [1]

iphone_6_concept_10 [2]

iphone_6_concept_9 [3]

iphone_6_concept_8 [4]

iphone_6_concept_5 [5]

iphone_6_concept_4 [6]

iphone_6_concept_3 [7]

iphone_6_concept_2 [8]

iphone_6_concept_7 [9]

iphone_6_concept_6 [10]

I’ve been an Android user for years and even I must say: wow! This is an iPhone 6 concept by Johnny Plaid of Los Angeles California. He put together the concept in March of this year. And the best part? His iPhone concept is the exact same physical design as the iPhone 5 but with a larger 4.5-inch screen.

If Apple releases the next iPhone like this, I will buy it. And that means a lot coming from me. Unfortunately, the next iPhone probably won’t look like this — too many software issues Apple will have to deal with in regards to having an edge-to-edge screen.

[via JohnnyPlaid [11]]