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Epic model of Battlestar Galactica Cylon baseship made from LEGO [Image]

lego_model_bg_ship_8 [1]

lego_model_bg_ship_7 [2]

lego_model_bg_ship_6 [3]

lego_model_bg_ship_5 [4]

lego_model_bg_ship_4 [5]

lego_model_bg_ship_2 [6]

lego_model_bg_ship [7]

Confession time: in my opinion, Battlestar Galactica is one of the best sci-fi shows of all time. I’m talking about the remake, not the original — I wasn’t even a fetus when the original aired.

Hit up the via link below for more images and the story behind this model.

[via Gary King [8], Geeks are Sexy [9]]