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How to speed up your computer and remove lag while playing video games on Windows [Tip]

game-booster-usp-2-v2 [1]Although many suggest that Windows is the best operating system to play PC games on, it is by no means optimized for running them. The operating itself is more geared toward the general web browser who likes flashy desktop features, but who needs them during a firefight in Battlefield 3?

Enter the Razer Game Booster [2]. Previously developed by IOBit [3], this freeware program works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and can boost your in-game performance with just the click of a button. The program will go into “Game Mode” when you launch a game that has been added to its library. By doing so, it will reduce your windows theme to a basic version, using the least amount of graphical resources as possible. It will also disable many other Windows services that it deems unnecessary.

Also, if you are ever curious as to what is being disabled, or want to add or remove items from that list, you can use the Configure menu to do so.

game-booster-usp-3 [4]

The bottom of the program also has temperature monitors for all of your internal hardware, and the share menu makes it easy to record game footage and take screenshots along with displaying your systems FPS (frames per second).

game-booster-usp-4-rev3 [5]

Some more advanced option of the program allow you to defrag a certain game’s files, perform registry tweaks, and even update your drivers.

This application aims at being an all-in-one resource for gamers, and it is on its way to becoming just that. Check it out if you are a gamer and would like to increase computer performance while gaming, speed up your games, and/or remove lag.