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Wear yours gadgets on your chest with Playful T-Shirts

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Every so often, multiple gadget owners wished they had more space on their person to walk around with all those wonderful toys. It’s an age old problem, and the only viable option for some is to either carry a pouch or wear baggy pants with a dozen pockets. That’s no longer the case with the new Playful T-Shirts from Japan, now you will have the extra pocket space you’ve always wanted.

OK, so the Playful T-Shirts are probably not that awesome once you get to understand how the whole thing works. You see, each T-Shirt comes with a single pocket to hold your smartphone, your iPod, or some other useless gadget. Unfortunately, the pockets are translucent, so the ability to hide your precious gadgets from prying eyes is completely out of the window.

We’re not sure this idea of a gadget friendly T-Shirt would catch on outside of Japan, and for the sake of everyone, we hope it doesn’t. Having your gadgets being the center of attention raises your chances of being robbed, so we wouldn’t recommend anyone to think twice about picking up one of these Playful T-Shirts. It wouldn’t be so playful anymore when some guy is running off into the sunset with your smartphone.

Until something more compelling comes along, continue walking around with your gadgets in a small bag, it’s not that bad, and it is also safer.

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