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[Windows] Convert video files with SnowFox Total Video Converter

2013-08-10_232709 [1]In today’s world, there are dozens upon dozens of video converters out there, both shareware and freeware and many that we have reviewed here on dotTech [2]. We even have a review that points out the best free video converters for Windows [3]. However, if you want more choice or are looking for a different video converter to try, SnowFox Total Video Converter is another option. Let’s see if it is worth your time.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

As the name implies, SnowFox Total Video Converter is a program that allows you to convert video files to other formats.




2013-08-10_234744 [5]SnowFox Total Video Converter is a video converter that successfully converts videos. But that is all it is. What exactly do I mean by that? I mean that, as per my tests, SnowFox Total Video Converter does properly and accurately convert video files (no surprise there, since it uses FFMPEG as its workhorse) but it lacks many of the value-added features found in other video converter programs.

For example, many other freeware and shareware video converters have basic video editing capabilities that includes the ability to add watermark, add subtitles, flip video, rotate video, and adjust volume. SnowFox Total Video Converter has none of those features — it can only crop, trim, and adjust brightness/contrast/saturation. SnowFox Total Video Converter also lacks the ability to merge input videos, and it cannot convert audio files (i.e. does not support audio inputs)… two features found in pretty much all other video converters.

It is also worth pointing out SnowFox Total Video Converter doesn’t support 2-pass encode, but that is forgivable seeing as many other video converters also don’t support this option. What isn’t forgivable, however, is the fact that SnowFox Total Video Converter does not support GPU acceleration, seeing as the technology of GPU acceleration has been out for years now and other video converters incorporate it.

Another point against SnowFox Total Video Converter is that it can be annoying to use. I don’t mean the program has a learning curve or is hard to ease. On the contrary, it is pretty much point and click. What is annoying is the fact that when you browse for input videos, SnowFox Total Video Converter is set to show all files instead of just showing supported input formats. This makes it very annoying to browse for videos and can even result in wrong files being loaded into the program (e.g. I accidentally loaded an MP3 file into SnowFox Total Video Converter despite the fact that SnowFox Total Video Converter doesn’t support MP3 inputs).

So, yes, SnowFox Total Video Converter does the bare minimum expected of a video converter — it allows you to convert HD and SD videos and it works fine in that regard. But in today’s day and age, you don’t need to be satisfied with the bare minimum because there are many options out there, and SnowFox Total Video Converter lacks far behind rival video converters.

Conclusion and Download Link

I don’t recommend SnowFox Total Video Converter. Yeah, it works in terms of being able to convert videos, but it doesn’t have many features found in other video converter programs. My recommendation is to read dotTech’s review of best free video converters on Windows [3] and grab one of the excellent yet free video converters mentioned in that review. Enjoy!

Price: $35

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

Download size: 26.2MB

VirusTotal malware scan results:

Is it portable? No

SnowFox Total Video Converter homepage [6]