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Tencent is offering users 10TB of free cloud storage. You read that right.

tencent [1]

Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft and basically any other company that provides users with cloud storage might be ashamed by the following news. Chinese company Tencent is offering a jaw-dropping 10TB of free cloud storage through a promotion. That’s right, ten whole terabytes of cloud storage — for free.

To put things in perspective, Google Drive offers 15GB for free but if you pay $400 a month, you’ll get 8TB. This is 10TB. For free. Tencent, who is best known for its popular QQ instant messaging service, is launching this promotion to one-up its local competitors in China, Baidu and Weibo. Those two companies recently began offering 1TB of free storage, which Tencent has officially dwarfed.

All users need to do to get their hands on this ridiculous amount of cloud storage is to sign up with the company [2], give their QQ account number, then download the Tencent Cloud mobile app (which is available on Android and iOS). They’ll instantly be given access to 1TB of storage, with the amount increasing as files are uploaded for a maximum of 10TB.

But while this is most certainly impressive, just what would someone do with 10TB of cloud storage? They better have a good backup plan, too.

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