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Tank Vader is a $1,000 custom toy tank with Darth Vadar on top [Image]

tank_vadar_1 [1]

tank_vadar_2 [2]

tank_vadar_3 [3]

tank_vadar_4 [4]

tank_vadar_5 [5]

tank_vadar_6 [6]

tank_vadar_7 [7]

tank_vadar_8 [8]

tank_vadar_9 [9]

That is a custom modification by Gabriel Dishaw that involves “toy tank, vintage model pieces, computers, adding machines, typewriters, wire and airplane parts”. And of course, Darth Vadar.

Want one? It will cost you US$1,000… and you will have to wait, it appears to be sold out on Dishaw’s website.

[via Gabriel Dishaw [10]]