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Chinese hackers for hire are hacking into American systems, according to Symantec

HiddenLynx-Infographic [1]

While the NSA is busy taking a peek at what Brazil is up to [2], Chinese hackers are making a meal from hacking into American systems and getting away with it. According to a Symantec report, these hackers are not from the Chinese Military, they are actually mercenaries or hackers for hire if you will. Symantec, the company behind the Norton antivirus security software, calls then “Hidden Lynx”, and class them as a professional organization with a deep drive.

Symantec went on to state how this group surpasses every other major known Chine group, which should give you an idea how adept these guys are. Who knows, maybe they’re even better compared to NSA employees. Furthermore, to give you an idea how efficient this group is, Symantec claims they carried out six major hacking attacks since 2011, that’s quite a lot in just 2 small years.

We understand Hidden Lynx are the ones responsible for the attack on the New York Times earlier in the year, which is not deemed as major in our book. Furthermore, since the NSA’s spying and hacking abilities are so ahead of the world, why are these guys not dealt with? Questions being asked everywhere, yet so little answers to go around.

It is not certain who or what Hidden Lynx works for, though we wouldn’t be too surprised if we found out they work in direct conjunction with the Chinese government. After all, if the so-called leader of the free world (i.e. USA) takes part in such activities, I don’t see why communist China shouldn’t.

The full infographic by Symantec is found below.

HiddenLynx-Infographic [3]

[via Symantec [4]]