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Man builds 16-foot AT-ST walker from Star Wars, will sell it to you for $15,700 [Image]

at_st_1 [1]

at_st_2 [2]

at_st_3 [3]

at_st_4 [4]

at_st_5 [5]

at_st_6 [6]

at_st_7 [7]

at_st_8 [8]

That is a “life-size” AT-ST walker from Star Wars that is selling for roughly $15,700. I put life-size in quotes because the seller claims it is life-size but any real Star Wars geek knows an AT-ST walker is 28 feet tall, not 16 feet.

Interested in this midget AT-ST? Hit up eBay [9] to make it your own.

[via Geekologie [10]]