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Help dotTech win “Best Geek Blog” of 2009 at Blogger’s Choice Awards!

Back in March I asked for assistance in making dotTech number 1 in “Best Geek Blog” of 2009 at Blogger’s Choice Awards. Well 2009 is coming to an end and I would very much still love to win that award for dotTech. So, I once again ask the dotTech family to band together and vote for dotTech as the “Best Geek Blog” of 2009 at Blogger’s Choice Awards [1] (click here [1] to vote)! Currently the leader in the “Best Geek Blog” category has 510 votes; to lock in the first spot inshAllah I believe dotTech needs 1000+ votes because there is bound to be a last-minute surge by other blogs.

Unfortunately, to vote you do have to register with BCA [2]. It is doubly unfortunate that registration involves entering a lot of personal information:

2009-12-06_231437 [3]

Now personally speaking, I would never enter that much personal information on a website run by an unknown company. Heck, I even bite my tongue when giving that information to my bank. So if you don’t feel comfortable giving that information out and therefore will not register and therefore will not vote for dotTech… don’t sweat it – I understand, it is OK. However, every and all votes are greatly appreciated! Thanks!