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How to remove your name and picture from Google’s new shared endorsement ads [Guide]

shared_endorsements [1]You may or may not have heard but Google has made a recent change to its terms and conditions that allow Google to use your name, picture, and comments/reviews posted on Google+, Google Play Store, and Google+ Local to endorse products advertised via Google AdWords.

For example, if you +1 a product on Google+, Google will show that you +1’ed the product in the product’s ad shown to your friends… sort of as if you endorse it (minus the paycheck that comes with endorsements, of course); and if you rate an app or book or movie or show on Play Store, Google will use your rating (with name and picture) in ads for the thing you rated.

It is easy to imagine many people being uncomfortable with this. Thankfully, there is a way to opt-out of these so called shared endorsement ads — a way to stop your name, picture, and reviews/comments from appearing in ads. This guide shows you exactly how to do that.


Stopping Google from using reviews/comments in shared endorsement ads and removing your name and picture is actually fairly easy. To remove your name and picture and reviews/comments from appearing in shared endorsement ads, do the following:


Repeat this process for all your Google accounts.


I realize that Google is feeling pressure from Facebook and Facebook ads, but I’m can’t understand why Google execs thought this was a good move. A good move for Google’s wallet, yes, since it will make Google ads more competitive against Facebook ads, but a good move for Google’s users? Eh. Did they think the majority of people would be happy endorsing ads in advertisements? At least cut us in on the profit, if you are going to do that.