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Free Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced! (Supports Windows 7… finally.)

2009-12-14_140000 [1]Recently I posted, a couple of times, on how to get Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 for free [2]. The problem with WinOptimizer 2010 is it does not supported Windows 7. So to solve that problem there is WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced.

However, before I tell you about the promotion, let me remind everyone what WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced can do:

2009-12-02_222531 [3]

As far as I know, the only major difference between WinOptimizer 2010 and WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced is WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced supported Windows 7 but WinOptimizer 2010 does not.

So, how to get WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced for free? Just follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v6.50.6644

Note: Don’t be fooled into thinking WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced is the same thing as WinOptimizer 6 because WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced  is v6.50.6644. WinOptimizer 6 has three features which are not in WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced: “AntiSpy”, “Context Menu Manager”, and “Undeleter”.

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

2009-12-14_134127 [5]

2009-12-14_134408 [7]

Enter your e-mail address in the box and hit “Send”; if you already have an Ashampoo account you will be asked to login. If you don’t have an Ashampoo account, you will have to confirm your new account before you can get the free key. So go to your e-mail’s inbox, look for an e-mail from “Ashampoo <MrReg@ashampoo.com>” with the subject of “Registration (Step 1) … follow the link in this email to go on.” In the e-mail there will be a URL you have to visit to confirm your new Ashampoo account (visit it):

2009-12-02_161214 [8]

Take note when you register with Ashampoo, you are automatically signed up for Ashampoo’s regular e-mail newsletters. If you don’t want the newsletters, you can manually unsubscribe from these newsletters after you registered by logging in via MyAshampoo, going to “Subscribe service letters”, and unchecking the ones you don’t want.

2009-12-14_135634 [9]

Copy the registration code.

2009-12-14_134547 [10]

2009-12-14_134556 [11]

2009-12-14_134622 [12]

If you have any trouble getting Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced for free, post below – I will try to help.