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Temporary halt in GOTD reviews

Hey Friends,

As I am sure you all know, I run dotTech less as a business or work, and more as a hobby. In other words, I enjoy writing articles and reviews for dotTech and enjoy the interaction with dotTechies from all around the world. However, lately, since my short one week break, writing a review for GOTD everyday has been feeling more like a chore rather than a fun past-time. Taking into consideration this is supposed to be my “winter break”, I have decided it is best for me and the future of dotTech-GOTD relationship to temporary halt GOTD reviews and just take a break. What I mean is for a temporary time I will not be publishing GOTD reviews. I have already not published GOTD reviews for the past week or so, so I may as well finish off the break as it is intended to be. The plan is to restart GOTD reviews very soon, at the latest when winter break ends.

However do note I will still be publishing non-GOTD related articles on dotTech; but the rate of the articles will most likely be less than in the past, maybe one article every day or two (depending on whenever I find something interesting to talk about).

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused everyone. Please don’t egg my house. Or my car. Or my grandmother.

Take care,
Still the geek of dotTech