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[Review] History Killer Pro

{rw_text}Software reviewed in this article:

History Killer Pro [1]

Version reviewed:


System Requirements:

Windows 7, Vista, XP


$24.95 (USD) but you can get it for free for a limited time at Giveawayoftheday.com [2]!

Software description as per the developer:

History Killer Pro erases EVERYTHING you do on the computer that may put your privacy at risk – the websites you visit, what you search for, the passwords and credit card digits you enter into forms, the pictures and video you download, the documents you open, the programs you launch and much more. In just a few mouse clicks, you can wipe away every detail of your Internet activity and computer usage, so that there is NOTHING personal about you that can tell snoops or cyber criminals about your private computer habits.

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{for=”Features as Described” value=”9″}While the developer did not specifically claim to support Chrome (or Safari) I feel that by mentioning “history, cookies, etc.” one may think all browsers are supported when they are not.
{for=”Ease of Use” value=”9″}Fairly easy to use. However you have to manually select all the top categories that you to clean, which can get annoying since there is no “select all”.
{for=”Performance” value=”8″}Performs very well for the most part. However, there needs to be improvement in cleaning out temporary Internet files for Internet Explorer.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”10″}Just about everyone will find this program useful.
{for=”Price” value=”6″}$24.95 is a bit steep for a program that does something many freewares can do. $10-15 is a more attractive buy in my opinion.
{for=”Arbitrary Equalizer” value=”8″}This category reflects an arbitrary number that does not specifically stand for anything. Rather this number is used to reflect my overall rating/verdict of the program in which I considered all the features and free alternatives.
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History Killer Pro is a program that is intended to help you clear your “history” (and related files/entities) for Windows and multiple different applications including but not limited to Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Microsoft Office. Or, to put it simply, History Killer Pro aims to do the same thing the “cleaner” feature of CCleaner does – protect your privacy by cleaning up the traces left behind by your use of your computer.

This is what History Killer Pro looks like:


As you can see the interface for History Killer Pro is pretty nice; nice color scheme and a good layout – fairly aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. As nice looking as the interface is, the usability of History Killer Pro is not hindered one bit; using History Killer Pro is a matter of point-and-click… literally.

HKP (History Killer Pro) has the ability to detect and clear all of the following:


(Click on the image above to view it at full size.)

One thing I noticed is that there is no option to clear “InPrivate Filtering Data” for IE 8; however I don’t find that to be too big of a deal. Also HKP works with IE 6 and IE 7 also – I just have IE 8 installed which is why it says “Internet Explorer 8” above.

As I already mentioned, using History Killer Pro  is very straightforward and self explanatory. However if you would like some guidance, here are short 1-2 minute video tutorials on how to use HKP:

How to scan and clear/clean your history (i.e. scan and kill targets) [5]

How to use the “exclude list” [5]

How to use the “search” function [5]

Besides all that is shown to you in the videos, there are three more things I would like to point out:


The more “passes” a secure deletion method has, the more securely it deletes files.


The ability to automatically clean history is actually fairly handy. However, do note Firefox and Internet Explorer already have this option built in (Opera and Chrome may also – I don’t know).

Take note you must have History Killer Pro running for this feature to work (History Killer Pro minimizes to your system tray so you can leave it on at all times).

In terms of performance, HKP performs fairly well. I ran it against CCleaner and both perform similarly, although each claims to find something the other missed. The only exception is cleaning temporary Internet files for Internet Explorer. HKP seems to be leaving a lot of temp files behind in Internet Explorer. Not only does CCleaner find a significant amount of temp files HKP missed, but I took a look into IE’s cache after HKP was supposed to clean it and can vouch there were still files left behind. This needs to be improved.

Other than that, there are two minor improvements that can be made to HKP:

Overall I give History Killer Pro a thumbs up. Sure there are many free alternatives that do the same/similar things as History Killer Pro, but History Killer Pro can definitely hold its own.

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.


All of the following programs have some sort of history cleaning feature which is the same/similar to HKP:

East-Tec Eraser 2009 [8]

CCleaner [9]

jvPowerTools 2009 [10]

TuneUp Utilities 2008 [11]

WinUtilities Free Edition [12]

WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced [13]

Auslogics SpeedBoost 4 [14]

FCleaner [15]

Glary Utilities [16]

Advanced SystemCare Free [17] (get Advanced SystemCare Pro for free [18] for 1 year for a limited time).

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{rw_verdict2}History Killer Pro is a fairly nice history/privacy cleaning application – thumbs up. Feel free to grab it and use it if you want it. However, as good as the program is it is hard to recommend a commercial/shareware software when there are freeware, terrific, time-tested, and very reliable privacy cleaners out there already. My recommendation for a history/privacy cleaner program is CCleaner – it is the king in this category.
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