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How to root Sony Xperia Z on FW 10.3.1.A.0.244/2.67 [Guide]

XperiaZ(black) [1]DooMLoRD’s original rooting toolkit could root a wide variety of Xperia devices, owing to the exploit ‘pref_event exploit‘. But, the exploit has been patched for the Sony Xperia Z (C6602/3) devices on the firmware 10.3.1.A.0.244/2.67. DooMLoRD has now found a way around of getting your Xperia Z on the same firmware rooted. Read on to find how you can get your Xperia Z on FW 10.3.1.A.0.244/2.67 rooted.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended as a helpful “how to”. dotTech and its writers are not responsible for any gain or loss (including but not limited to bricked devices) incurred as a result of following this guide. Root your device at your own risk. Rooting may void your warranty.


This guide will help you to root your Sony Xperia Z (C6602/3) with firmware versions 10.3.1.A.0.244 / 10.3.1.A.2.67. Do not try this on any other device or firmware. Proceed at your own risk.

Before We Begin

How To Root Sony Xperia Z (FW 10.3.1.A.0.244 / 10.3.1.A.2.67)


Enjoy your rooted Xperia Z. Now you can go ahead and install root-only applications, enjoy advanced management permissions, and so on.

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