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Chrome for iOS can now reduce data usage by an impressive 50%

chromeios [1]

Google has just released version 32 of Chrome for iOS. The update includes a number of handy features, the most notable being the ability to reduce data usage. According to the Google Chrome Team, enabling this feature can cut your data by an impressive 50%. And all you have to do is go to Settings > Bandwidth > Reduce Data Usage. For users with data caps on their mobile plans, this might be one of the best features yet on the mobile browser.

Here are some of the other improvements included in Chrome 32:

Translate – When you come across a page written in a language that you don’t understand, just look for the translation bar. One tap and the page is quickly translated for you.

Reduce Data Usage – Reduce your data usage by up to 50%. Enable this feature and view your savings: Settings > Bandwidth > Reduce Data Usage.

New Tab Page update to make searching faster and easier (This feature is being rolled out and will be available to all users over time, beginning on iPhone)

Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

You can download Chrome iOS for free on the iTunes Store [2].

[via Chome Releases [3]]