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[Review] Animated Wallpaper Maker

{rw_text}Software reviewed in this article:

Animated Wallpaper Maker [1] by DesktopPaints.com

Version reviewed:


Supported OS:

Windows Vista/XP


$23.77 (USD) but you can get it for free for a limited time at Giveawayoftheday.com [2]!

Software description as per the developer:

Breathe new life into your desktop! Animated Wallpaper Maker will help you turn your static photos into animated pictures and set them as your desktop background. You can animate any photo you have. Really! You don’t need expensive, complicated software anymore. You can create your own animated wallpaper in just a few mouse clicks. Load a picture, adjust animation parameters, and place the result on your desktop.

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{for=”Ease of Use” value=”10″}Very easy to use – point and click really.
{for=”Performance” value=”6″}Surprisingly enough, the animated wallpapers do not take up very much computer resources while they are turned on. However, the desktop icons are not properly dealt with when animated wallpapers are turned on (at least in Windows 7).
{for=”Usefulness” value=”4″}By definition, I can’t see many people finding this program useful. However, developer-imposed program limitations will turn off many of the ones that may have found it useful.
{for=”Price” value=”6″}Generally speaking, $23.77 is not a bad price to charge for software. The only problem is Animated Wallpaper Maker, in my opinion, does not warrant that price tag as it stands because it doesn’t have enough animations for users to use.
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As the name suggests, Animated Wallpaper Maker is a software that allows users to create and use animated wallpapers.

This is what the main program window of AWM (Animated Wallpaper Maker) looks like:


Using AWM is fairly straightforward:


You may only use one background effect per slide/image. When you select an effect, keep in mind you can customize the settings of that effect, such as intensity, size, speed, etc.

  • You can select from multiple different animation objects, and can add as many animation objects to one slide/image as you want:



Whenever you have an animated wallpaper running, either normally or via the standalone EXE, an icon is placed in your system tray which you can control basic configuration settings (such as to stretch the image… or not stretch the image, or to automatically apply the animated wallpaper upon Windows’ boot). That system tray icon is also where you can turn off the animated wallpaper by exiting:



(The second “Settings” window is that of the standalone EXE.)

When I first started reviewing AWM I excepted the program to eat up a significant portion of my computer resources (CPU/RAM) while the animated wallpapers were turned on. Surprisingly enough, AWM uses very little computer resources: CPU stays at or near zero (only spikes to ~5 when the “slides” are changing, if applicable) and RAM usage stays around the 20 MB mark. This computer resource usage – or lack thereof – is actually what I found to be most impressive about AWM.

That being said, there is also plenty that I found very unimpressive about AWM:


As you can see, the icon “background area” shows the original desktop wallpaper instead of showing the animated one.

I am not sure if this is a Windows 7 only problem or not (I tried to run it on my Windows XP virtual machine to see if the problem would reoccur but was unable to get AWM to work on there because apparently my virtual machine doesn’t have a graphics accelerator). Yes I realize the developer does not officially claim Windows 7 support, but if you look at the patch notes, the latest update was for a “Windows 7 hotfix” so… ya.

  • You cannot move/have trouble moving the desktop icons.

Last but not least, when I went to test out if the standalone EXE works for people who don’t have AWM installed, I ran into a bug that the animations were not showing properly. However, I tried to repeat this problem – to see if it was a problem with the program – and I was unable to replicate it. So, it was probably a one time error, and not a problem with the program, but just figure I should mention it.

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.


If you know of any free alternatives, please post below and share with all of us.

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{rw_verdict2}I like the concept behind Animated Wallpaper Maker, but it has been applied in a poor manner by the developer. Not only are there too few animations, but the problem with desktop icons is very annoying. Thumbs down.
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