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Mousepath gets renamed to IOGraph and enters full development

Last month Locutus wrote an article on Mousepath [1], an entertaining Java-based application that tracks and records your mouse strokes. Since that time, Mousepath has gained quite a bit of attention – much of which, I have no doubt, is thanks to dotTech considering how popular the Mousepath article has become – and the developers of Mousepath have decided Mousepath is a application worthy of further development. So, Mousepath has officially been renamed to IOGraph and has entered full development, as opposed to being a simple trick posted on a Flickr page.

As part of the process of migrating Mousepath to IOGraph, the program has been given a makeover and improvements have been made. The most notable improvement is the interface makeover. This is what IOGraph’s main program window now looks like:


Other improvements include:



IOGraph is still based in Java, so you still need Java installed to use IOGraph. Similarly, IOGraph is still portable (no installation necessary) and is available on Windows and Mac OS but it now also supports Linux.

You may download IOGraph from the following links:

Version reviewed: v0.9

Supported OS: All Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

IOGraph homepage [5] [direct download – Windows [6]]

Thanks Andrey [7]!