And the winners of the 15 free Auslogics Registry Defrag licenses are…

Three weeks ago dotTech ran a giveaway giving away 15 licenses of Auslogics Registry Defrag for free. The entries have finally been tallied, and the winners have finally been picked. The winners of the 15 Auslogics Registry Defrag licenses are as follows:

Congratulations to everyone that won and better luck next time to everyone that did not. I have already e-mailed out the licenses so look for an e-mail from admin (at) with the subject of “Auslogics Registry Defrag Winner” – that e-mail will contain your registration information.

Thank you Auslogics for sponsoring the giveaway and thank you everyone for participating. If you did not win a free license, keep in mind you can always purchase Auslogics Registry Defrag from the homepage for $19.95 (USD). Or, better yet, if you want more “bang for the buck” consider Auslogics BoostSpeed, which includes Registry Defrag, for $29.95.

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  • nektar

    Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :-)

  • Happy Person (Inas)

    Welcome back, Ashraf, I’m glad you are doing well-the DotTech community was not the same while you were away – and thanks much for the Auslogics Registry Defrag license-it’s nice (and fun) to be a winner.

  • Shenley

    For all those that didn’t win, why not get “more bang for the buck” and pick up Auslogics BoostSpeed (worth $29.95) for free here.


  • Hey Ashraf, so basically you were busy working at your office or something right? Ya… I can understand that; all that calculating and hard work.


  • Bela

    Thank U Ashraf and God Bless U ;-)

  • J&T

    Congrats to all!!! It was good to see a dottech email in my inbox again! =)

  • Inger Anne-Sofi

    I won!!! Thanks so much Ashraf and Auslogics & grats to all other winners too :)

  • Jeanjean

    Congratulations to all winners.

  • Lee

    I too won a license – congratulations to all the other winners!

  • amozai

    I’m the winner.LOL,Thank you so much Ashraf and welcome back.We missed you so much in this community.
    We missed your nice reviews here too.

    Best regards,

  • Adrian

    Thanks Ashraf and Auslogics again for your free license. Anyway, may I remind you that I have a pending article submitted.

  • Friend

    AOA Ashraf
    Thanks for Auslogics Registry Defrag license. I am one of the winners.
    Congrats to all other winners as well.

  • Congrats everybody!

  • Grr

    Congrats to winners..