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How to close all open windows in one click [Tip, Windows]

Are you searching for an option that will quickly close all your ope  windows in Windows XP/Vista/7/8? If so you should add Close All Windows to the your software library. That is a program with which you can close all your open windows with just one click.

You can add the software to Windows from this page [1]. There select the Free Download option to download it to Windows. Once downloaded, install it. Then open a variety of application windows, and double-click the Close All icon to open the software window below.

Close Windows [2]

The window lists all the software windows you have open. To close all the application windows, click the OK option. To keep a few windows open, click on their check-boxes to remove the ticks and then select OK. The ones that weren’t selected should then remain open.

To add a keyboard shortcut (hotkey) to open the program window that allows you to close all windows, right-click its icon and select Properties. Then click on the Shortcut tab to open the window below. There you should input a shortcut such as Ctrl + Alt + C in the Shortcut key text box. Click Apply, OK and then press the shortcut key to open the software window.

Close Windows2 [3]

Those with Windows Vista could add it to the Quick Launch bar by right-clicking the icon, and selecting Add to Quick Launch. If you have Windows 7 or 8 you can pin the Close All Windows executable to the taskbar by selecting Pin to Taskbar from its right-click menu.

Overall, Close All Windows adds a great shortcut option to Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The software closes a variety of open windows and applications in a jiffy!