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Epic fail: anti-piracy campaign by Business Software Alliance ironically uses unlicensed photo

Piracy is one of the biggest problems all over the Internet. Even if there are numerous (and sometimes overzealous) anti-piracy campaigns [1] being launched left and right, there are still groups and websites who try to get away with it. Apparently, even the bigger companies are being caught red-handed. Such is the case with Business Software Alliance (BSA) which was caught to have used a stolen photo, ironically, in an anti-piracy campaign [2].

This seems funny that the trade group’s fight has backfired on them. Popularly known to represent tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe, the Business Software Alliance, is now amidst a controversial anti-piracy campaign. What happened is, BSA has turned to the social media to advance their anti-piracy campaign by posting Facebook ads. However, one keen eye managed to notice a familiar photo.

Check out the ad posted by BSA on Facebook:

Does the image look familiar? It should. According to TorrentFreak, it was originally uploaded to Cakecentral [3] by a certain user known as ‘bethasd’ of a cake s/he made at home.

It is possible the image was licensed to BSA by bethasd. However, when reached for a comment, BSA didn’t respond to anyone. And the ad has since disappeared from Facebook. So all we can say at this point is: practice what you preach, folks.

[via Torrentfreak [4]]