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How to stop Windows from automatically restarting to apply updates [Guide]

Today and many times in the past, I was brutally attacked by Windows Update. A client of mine was having an issue with a VB macro and, an hour into fixing the problem, the computer decided to automatically restart to apply a Windows update. I am sure that you have been plagued by this problem too, so for my fellow dotTechies, I did a bit of digging and here is how to put Windows Update in its place. In other words, read on to learn how to disable Windows Update from automatically restarting your computer.

Before we go anything further, I just want to remind you that dotTech and its writers are not responsible for any damages to your computer or data or the mental breakdown that the damage may cause. We have tested this ourselves and feel it is safe to be, but still proceed further at your own risk.

This trick should work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1; I tested it on Windows 8.

That said, to stop Windows from automatically rebooting to apply updates, do the following:

run-regedit [1]

navigate-to-policies-micros [2]

registry-new-key [3]

create-registry-key-au [4]

new-dword-value [5]

set-dword-value [6]

Done! Now you shouldn’t see Windows Update forcing your computer to restart to apply updates. If you ever want to re-enable automatically rebooting to apply updates, simply delete the WindowsUpdate folder you created earlier. Enjoy!