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How to turn Firefox address bar into an instant search bar [Tip]

If you’re looking for a way to enhance, or customize, Firefox’s address bar check out CyberSearch. That’s a Firefox add-on that adds advanced Google search options to the address bar. With it you can add customizable keyword searches/queries to Firefox’s address bar.

Add CyberSearch to Firefox from this website [1]. Once you have added the add-on to Firefox, restart the browser. CyberSearch does not have any button on the toolbar, but you can open its options from the add-on page by selecting Open menu > Add – ons and Options next to CyberSearch 2.10 to open the window in the shot below.

CyberSearch [2]

CyberSearch provides a variety of built-in keywords for you. These are a few of the built-in keywords that you can can enter into the Firefox address bar:


In addition, you can also add your own custom CyberSearch keywords. Select the Keywords tab, enter a keyword and a URL in the Website URL text box. Then select Save Keyword to add it to the New Keyword drop-down list on the tab.

To highlight the CyberSearch results, open the tab in the shot below. Then click on the Do not use a background color check box to remove the tick. Click on the rectangle to select an alternative color from the palette.

CyberSearch2 [3]

Now enter a search keyword in the Firefox address bar. For example, enter gweb dottech as in the shot below. All matching pages found by CyberSearch are highlighted blue.

CyberSearch3 [4]

The CyberSearch instant search bar add-on will certainly enhance your Firefox searches. For further details, check out the add-on’s home page [5].