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How to add a Ctrl + Tab popup menu switcher to Firefox [Tip]

The Alt + Tab switcher in Windows switches between minimized windows. You can add a comparable Ctrl + Tab switcher to Firefox that opens a dialog box from which you can switch between page tabs. All that’s required is the Tab Mix Plus add-on, which has a multitude of options for the browser’s tabs.

You can add Tab Mix Plus to Firefox from this page [1]. There click on the + Add to Firefox option and Install Now. Then click on the Open menu option at the top right of the browser and Add-ons to open the page in the shot below.

TabMix [2]

Click on the Tab Mix Plus Options button to open the window below. Select Events and then the Tab Features tab. There select the Ctrl + Tab displays a tab list popup menu check box. Click the Apply button at the bottom of the window and Close.

TabMix3 [3]

Now you should open a few websites in separate page tabs. When you have a few page tabs open, press Ctrl + Tab. That opens the dialog box in the shot below.
TabMix2 [4]

The dialog box includes a list of your open Firefox page tabs. To scroll through the list, hold the Ctrl key and press Tab. Then let go of the Ctrl key to open a page tab.

That’s just one of the great settings included with the Tab Mix Plus extension. Check out this article [5] for details you can customize Firefox tabs with Tab Mix Plus.