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How to remotely log out from Facebook [Tip]

Let’s just say that you recently borrowed your friend’s mobile phone just so you could check on your Facebook. However, you forgot to log out. Now, you’re worried that your friend or someone else might pry upon your Facebook updates and messages. Fortunately, you can easily opt to remotely log out your Facebook account.

Here’s how:

Remotely log out from Facebook b [1]

Remotely log out from Facebook [2]

Facebook will automatically log out your account from every device listed. This includes the session that you’ve made using your friend’s mobile phone or tablet.

By learning how to remotely log out your Facebook account, you can protect yourself from becoming vulnerable to all sorts of online threats and malicious attacks. You can also protect your photos, messages and other sensitive data from being exploited.

If you wish to stay safe online, then better exhaust all possible ways to protect your account.