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How to add software shortcuts to Firefox [Tip]

When browsing, you might need to open other apps and software packages. With the External Applications 2 extension you can add customizable app buttons to the Firefox toolbar. They are added beside your add-on buttons on the toolbar to give you direct access to other software packages.

This is the External Applications 2 [1] page on Firefox’s add-on website. Click on the + Add to Firefox and Install Now buttons on its page to add it to the browser. When you restart the browser, you will find a new Applications button, circled red in the shot below, at the top right of the window.

External Application Buttons3 [2]

Click on that button and then select New Buttons to open the External Applications window. Now choose a suitable software program for the button to open, and click OK to close the window. Then there will be a software shortcut button on the Firefox toolbar as below.

Externall Application buttons [3]

Click on that button to open the software. You can remove buttons from the toolbar by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete. To further customize the buttons, right-click on them and select Properties. That opens the window in the shot below.

External Application Buttons2 [4]

That window includes various alternative icon settings. Click on the Size drop-down list and select 24 x 24 to expand the icons. You can also add a hotkey to the shortcut button. Add a key to the Shortcut key text box at the bottom of the window, click Apply and OK to close the window.

This add-on will now give you quick access to your most essential apps while browsing. With it you can open text apps, email and image-editing software shortcuts without locating their shortcuts on the desktop or Start menu.