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EASEUS releases new freeware version of Data Recovery Wizard

EASEUS is a name that should be very well known to dotTechies because EASEUS not only often runs freebies promotions that I have posted about, but dotTech has also reviewed multiple different EASEUS products. One such product – that was given out as a freebie by EASEUS and reviewed by dotTech – is EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard [1]. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is a commercial software (starting from $69.95) that allows users to recover lost files and partitions. To help attract the growing wave of pro-freeware fans, EASEUS has recently released a new freeware version of their Data Recovery Wizard program:


Here is a chart showing all the features of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard and the differences between all the editions:


(Click on image to view chart in full size.)

As you can see from the chart, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the exact same software as EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional (it has all the same features, can recover all the same files, etc.), with one catch: EASEUS Data Recovery Free can only recover up to 1 GB (1024 MB) worth of files. In other words, you can recover whatever files you want with EASEUS Data Recovery Free, but the total size of the recovered files must be less than 1024 MB. This does not mean that you can recover up to 1024 MB worth of files at once; it means you can recover 1024 MB worth of files in total – the addition of file sizes every time you run the program and recover files.

Now this limitation on amount of files that can be recovered may be a negative aspect, but combined with the WinPE bootable media that can be created, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can (potentially) be used for pinpoint recovery of select important files after a hard drive crash (keep in mind most “important files” tend to be documents which are typically not that big in size anyway). And EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is completely freeware, so it can be used at home or at work, for non-commercial or commercial use. So, yes, while I would prefer EASEUS to release a non-limited version of their Data Recovery Wizard Free, this is a new change I welcome whole heartily. You may download EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free from the follow links:

Version reviewed: V5.0.1

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free homepage [4] [download page [5]]