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How to automatically scan downloaded files with VirusTotal [Tip]

Nowadays, you need to be extra careful when it comes to the software and apps that you download and install on your computer. Who knows? You might be unknowingly installing a software that contains malicious programs and other .exe files that does nothing related to the actual program that you’ve downloaded – except for giving you lots of annoying pop-ups and ads.

Furthermore, your anti-virus might not be fully capable of detecting every malware or spyware that is present in a particular program. In other words, you still need to scan your downloaded file using VirusTotal.

If you’re someone who’s extra wary of the files that you download and save to your computer, you might as well choose to process your file downloads using Nugget. The good thing about this option is that the downloaded file will be automatically scanned and checked by VirusTotal so if you want to learn how, simply proceed to the steps listed below.

How to automatically scan downloaded files with VirusTotal

DownloadXfilesXusingXcommandXline [2]

nugget [3]

It’s that simple.

Note that if Nugget detects that you have downloaded a questionable file (i.e. lots of detections by VirusTotal), then Nugget automatically “quarantine” the file by renaming it, so you don’t accidentally run it. However, please realize the file is still on your computer and you need to manually delete it or quarantine it with your anti-virus, if you believe the file is malicious.