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How to tweak and optimize Windows with Ultimate Windows Tweaker [Tip]

Ultimate Windows Tweaker offers users a plethora of tweaks which can used to alter the behavior of your computer. Read on to learn more.

In order to download this program click here [1]. Below is a screenshot of the interface of Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

2014-09-12_075401 [2]

In addition to displaying information about your system, UWT offers tweaks pertaining to the following categories:

The screenshots below basically illustrate the available tweaks:


Personalization [3]

User Accounts & UAC

UserXAccountsXXXUAC [4]

System Performance

SystemXPerformance [5]

Security Settings

SecurityXSettings [6]

Network Tweaks

NetworkXTweaks [7]

Internet Explorer

InternetXExplorer [8]

Please bear in mind that these tweaks are already available within windows. However, UWT gives users the convenience of having all of them in one place.