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How to remove Google icon from navigation ring in Android [Tip]

NavBarXRingXAndroid [1]The NavBar ring, also known as the navigation bar ring, is a feature that’s usually present in Android devices with soft navigation buttons. With it, you can access the Google icon by simply swiping up from your smartphone or tablet’s home button.

The Google icon will then take you to your Google Now page where you can implement certain Google Now commands by voice. It is also where you can view your personalized “Now” cards for weather, current events, sports, currency, etc.

Unfortunately, not everyone is fond of using Google Now. Others might also find the Google icon in the navigation ring quite useless and annoying. There’s also a tendency for you to accidentally touch the Google icon while you’re using another app or while you’re browsing. The good thing is you can now opt to remove the Google icon from the navigation ring. Just skip past the break to learn how.

How to remove Google icon from navigation ring in Android – The Steps

NavBarXRingXStatusXEnabled [3]

NavBarXRingXActionXDialog [4]

NavBarXRingXStatusXDisabled [5]

It’s that simple.