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How to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter [Tip]

If your field of work involves a lot of social media publishing and marketing, you’ll definitely need to consider the option of automating your posts. With the help of various post automation tools, you can cut the time that you usually spend on updating your Twitter profiles and Facebook pages. You can even post while you sleep and keep your clients or customers updated about your products and services even if they’re on a different time zone.

As for those who are still new to this concept, just skip past the break to learn how to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter.

How to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter

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So that’s it. Your scheduled post will appear at the bottom of your dashboard and you can track its status to see whether it has been successfully posted or not.

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Just keep in mind that with Postfity, free users are only allowed up to 10 scheduled posts per day. If you want to increase your number of posts, then you’ll need to upgrade your account.