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How to optimize Windows for gaming [Tip]

Windows games usually have higher system requirements than most software packages. With their 3D graphic engines the latest games might not run so well on desktops or laptops that don’t have the best hardware. However, by freeing up system resources the games will run better; and you can optimize your desktop or laptop with Game Fire.

Add Game Fire to Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 from this Cnet page [1]. Click the Download Now option and run through the setup wizard. Then open the software’s window in the shot below.

GameXfire3 [2]

At the top of the window there is System Status that shows your current CPU and RAM usage. To optimize Windows for games, you’ll need to reduce CPU and RAM usage as much as possible. Game Fire includes options that free up those system resources and others.

Next, click on the Switch to Gaming Mode button. When you first press that button it opens the window in the shot below. There you should select some options to free up system resources. When you click OK, your system is then optimized in accordance with the options selected on the Gaming Profile window. Press the same button again to revert back to the original settings.

GameXFire4 [3]

You can also close background applications to further reduce RAM allocation. Click the Applications Manager to open the list in the shot below. There choose an application/process to close, right-click and select End Process.

GameXFire5 [4]

To select further tools, click Windows Tools on the Game Fire window. Then you can open further options for display settings, etc. As reducing the resolution and other visual effects will free up more RAM the games will run quicker. However, that will also reduce the graphical quality.

GameXFire6 [5]

In addition, the software has a few customization options. You can add alternative themes to the Game Fire window by selecting Settings and the Themes Manager tab. Then choose an alternative theme and press the Apply button.

GameXFire7 [6]

With Game Fire you can quickly optimize Windows for games. Even if you’re not going to run any games, it can still be a handy app for freeing up RAM and other system resources.