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How to add Lock Icon to Windows right-click context menu [Tip]

Adjusting system settings can move your desktop icons out of position. For example, when you select an alternative desktop resolution the icons might not remain in their original positions. To ensure your desktop icons remain locked in position, add the Fluid Icon Organizer software to Windows.

You can add the software to Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 from this page [1]. Press the Download Now for Free button to save the setup wizard. Then run through the setup wizard to install the software.

Next, right-click the desktop to open the context menu. Now there will be a Lock Icons option on the context menu as in the shot below. Select that option, and then move one of the icons to an alternative position on the desktop. It will instantly move back to the original position.

Lock Icons [2]

You can also select new options from the Arrange submenu on the context menu. Select Arrange to open the submenu below. There you can select options to move all the icons to the right, top, bottom or left of the desktop.

lock icons2 [3]

In addition, there is also a Sort submenu on the context menu. Select Sort to expand the submenu in the shot below. That includes a few extra options to organize the icons with.

lock icons3 [4]

As such, Fluid Icon Organizer adds a few handy icon options to the desktop’s context menu. Note that the software might not work correctly if you have installed any other alternative icon management applications.