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How to switch back to Metro View in Windows 10 [Tip]

If you have read the article [1] about the cool new Start Menu features in Windows 10, then you probably have an idea of how Windows 10 looks. Whether you are a big fan of the new interface of Windows 10, or you are prone to using the Metro View of Windows 8, you can always change the setup to regain the old start interface from Windows 8 in Windows 10. This design is similar to the one in Windows 8, which allows you to change back to the Windows 7 interface. This small change gives you an option to switch back and forth between your favorite interfaces.

Let’s take a look at how to setup this interface changing feature.


Following the steps below, you will be able to change back to Metro View in Windows 10.

1 [2]

2 [3]

3 [4]

4 [5]


It is fun to fiddle with the new features in Windows 10, especially since you can change the interface style between different Windows versions according to your preference.