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Daniusoft media converter

{rw_text}Giveaway of the day for December 24, 2008 is Daniusoft media converter [1].

Daniusoft media converter was last given out by GOTD on Nov 20, 2008. On Nov 20th 08, the version was I wrote a full review on it. You can access it here [2]. Even though today’s version is, the review is still relevant to today’s giveaway. For convenience’s sake, I will list the Pros/Cons, the free alternatives and the ‘final verdict’ I have on this software on this page. To get more detail you will have to refer back to the earlier review.


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Free Alternatives:
Super [3]
YouConvertIt.com [4]
Squared5 [5]
Any Audio Converter [6]
Any Video Converter [7]
FormatFactory [8]

PMnet Verdict: The verdict is the same as last time – DMC is a great software. Last time I recommended buying the professional edition for $9 if you have a lot of DRM, but this time around its $19. Still a worthy buy because professional will allow you to have a lot more input formats. Otherwise, Any Audio Converter + Any Video Converter or FormatFactory will do everything DMC does without the DRM stripping – they are excellent programs and they are always free. I personally suggest FormatFactory since it is accomplishes it all in one program as opposed to two.