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Ask dotTechies: Would you pay to view an ad-free dotTech?

For a while now a thought has been rumbling inside my head. I don’t like ads, and you don’t like ads; but ads on dotTech are necessary to keep this website going. What if ads were not necessary? In other words, what if a different revenue model could be launched for dotTech to enable people to view dotTech ads-free? Yes, yes I know everyone can go out and download AdBlocker or NoScript or [insert advertisement blocking plugin here]; this article is not to discuss the blocking of ads (ad blocking plugins really don’t help dotTech’s cause, but I don’t hold it against anyone that uses them). This post is here to brainstorm and see how many, if any, dotTechies would be willing to pay a small monthly subscription fee to view dotTech ad-free. Of course, under this model dotTech will still be 100% available to people who don’t pay a monthly subscription, but those people would then be viewing advertisements just like how dotTech is right now. So, please cast your vote:

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NOTE: All values are in USD (United States Dollar) terms and are monthly subscription fees.

In addition to casting your vote above, please post your thoughts on this matter in the comments below. Thank you everyone in advance!