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How to browse privately in Chrome without going incognito [Tip]

Chrome supports private browsing. This can be done if you switch from normal browsing mode to incognito mode. To go incognito, you would apparently be required to open your browser’s incognito window.

Now, what if you want to enable private browsing in normal mode? Is it possible? Well, yes it is. You just need to do the following steps listed below.

How to turn off your Chrome history in normal browsing mode

no history in Chrome [2]

no history in Chrome b [3]

no history in Chrome c [4]

It’s that simple. Just keep in mind that like incognito, the extension will not make you anonymous. It still won’t be able to hide your browsing history from sites that collects data as well as from your boss or even your Internet service provider. If you want to go anonymous while browsing online, you may consider using a VPN client.