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How to set up charts for website tables in Firefox [Guide]

There are tables on plenty of websites. However, most browsers don’t include any options for HTML tables. With the TableTools2 Firefox add-on you can set up graphs for website tables, copy, sort and filter the data.

This is the TableTools2 add-on page [1] that you can add it to Firefox from. Press the green button on that page and restart Firefox to install it. Then open a website page with a table on it.

As an example, open this table [2] on the BBC website. Drag the cursor from the top left corner of that table to the bottom right to select all the data. Then when you right-click, you’ll find a TableTools2 submenu on the context menu.

HTML table [3]

Select TableTools2 and Draw Chart from the submenu. That opens the tab in the snapshot below. Select Chart type to choose a graph for the data. Select Line Chart from that drop-down list, and enter “League Table Line Graph” in the Chart Title text box.

HTML table2 [4]Select Team from the chart_category label (required) drop-down list. Then select Pts from the Y (required) drop-down list. Press the Draw Chart button on that page to set up the league line graph as shown in the shot below.

html table3 [5]

So now you have a league table line graph that shows you the point totals for the teams. With this add-on you can also set up pie charts, histograms, scatter charts and bubble charts.

This add-on also includes filter options. With those options you can filter table data. Select the data in table, right-click and select TableTools2 from the context menu. Then select Filter > Toggle Dropdown Filter to add drop-down lists to the top of the table as below. You can filter dat by selecting it on the drop-down list. For example, selecting one of the teams from a league table drop-down list will filter out all the other sides.

html table4 [6]

For further add-on options, click Open menu and Add-ons. Press the Options button beside TableTools2 to open the window below. There you can edit the add-on’s filter, combine and copy hotkeys by clicking the Filter/Combine/Copy Shortcuts tab. Click the Other Shortcuts tab to customize the other add-on hotkeys.

HTML table5 [7]

So now you can transform HTML tables into a variety of graphs. Plus the add-on also has handy options for filtering, sorting and searching data. Check out the add-on’s website [8] that includes TableTools2 video demos.