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Run tasks (restart/shutdown computer, run a program, play audio sound, etc.) automatically based on a schedule with TimeComX

Marxio Timer [1], a program that allows users to automate tasks, has been discussed on dotTech in the past.Although not as powerful as Marxio Timer, TimeComX is another automation tool that allows users to run a select amount of tasks automatically based on a schedule:


TimeComX allow users to automate any one of eight tasks…


NOTE: “Run File” can be any file; i.e. a simple file like a DOC, or a program.

…based on any one of four different types of events:


Although TimeComeX only allows users to define one task at a time, you are allowed to run multiple instances of TimeComX if you want to schedule multiple different taks.

Two other things to note about TimeComX:

While the developer of Marxio Timer is busy throwing hissy-fits about not receiving donations/funding for his freeware projects, Bitdreamers – the developer of TimeComX – is providing us with a basic, but useful, automation tool. (I am not against asking for donations/funding for freeware projects; in fact I encourage it. Heck, I say even if one has to start charging for his/her free services, then so be it – no one is forced to provide free programs for their whole life, and we are all grateful of any such free services anyone provides. However, I am against throwing tantrums trying to force users to donate/support you financially if you do not receive the amount of funding you desire. If you want a steady revenue stream, don’t develop freeware. If you want to develop freeware, stop acting like a little baby when you don’t get the money you desire.) You may grab TimeComX from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.2.3.23

Supported OS: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/Win7

Download size: 3.3 MB

TimeComX homepage [5] [direct download [6]]

[via Lifehacker [7]]