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How to play YouTube videos in MX Player [Tip]

stream YouTube video on MX Player [1]Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to play YouTube videos on MX Player instead of the default app? Well, it is indeed possible. There may be pros and cons to doing it but with it, you can conveniently play your favorite videos on YouTube in the background. You can also set the video on continuous repeat. If you happen to close the video without finishing it, you can always continue from where you left off. That’s not all. You can also choose to always play the video in HD resolution.

So if you really want to know how to play YouTube videos in MX Player, then go ahead and refer to the instructions listed below.

How to play YouTube videos in MX Player

network stream MX Player [2]

If you want to load another video, just repeat the steps above.

Do note that you can only load one YouTube video at a time so it won’t work on playlists.