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Elegantly browse two websites at the sametime with TwoBrowse

Need to browse two sites at once?  Need to split the screen 50-50?  Try TwoBrowse, a free HTML page developed by myself and Caleb Stein.  TwoBrowse is based on the QuickBrowser [1] source code and is a great way to look at two pages at once:


TwoBrowse has two different sets of back, home, and forward buttons and two different URL bars.  When you enter a URL into one of the bars and click Go it’ll take you directly to the page you want.  This is great if, say, you want to watch a YouTube video on one side and browse on another, and you’re on a computer like the Wii where you can’t use two windows or if you simply want a more elegant solution (for this enter full screen).  TwoBrowse, being open source like its originator QuickBrowser, is quick to modify and relatively simple to use.

Here I’m comparing two search engines in full screen, one extremely popular and the other the leading rival:


What kind of things would you like to see in TwoBrowse?

TwoBrowse homepage [4]