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How to install CWM on Micromax Canvas A1 [Guide]

CWM hat [1]The Micromax Canvas A1 is about the closest thing you’ll get to looking like the Amazon Fire Phone if you enjoyed that designed. The main difference is the A1 comes with the usual Android stock software and not the Amazon UI which is a good thing because you get the same features and functionality as the flagships that run Android like the Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9. Moreover, the A1 comes with Dual SIM support which is great if you cross the border of two separate countries and require a unique Sim. Anyway, as great as the smartphone is, you aren’t extracting the most of it without root access. Likewise, you’ll need a custom recovery image installed to make the most from the root access. Here’s how to install CWM on Micromax Canvas A1:




  1. Download the recovery image from here [2].
  2. Download the recovery installer here [3].
  3. Extract the recovery installer package to the desktop by right-clicking over the file and selecting the “extract here” option.
  4. Extract the recovery image and transfer the .img file inside to the same folder that has the recovery installer.
  5. By this stage, you should have the “one-click-recovery-installer.bat” file and “recovery.img” in the same folder.
  6. Double-click the “one-click-recovery-installer.bat”¬†file and run it.
  7. You’ll now see a small window on the display. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish installing the CWM on your device.