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How to change First day of Week in Outlook Calendar and Windows 10 system [Tip]

With apps like Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar, Microsoft tries to disintegrate built-in apps from the system. This gives the company the ability to update apps quicker and more frequent. The downside is that settings are not synced between apps and the system. For example, the setting of First day of week need to be changed separately in Outlook Calendar and the system. They’re no longer linked together.

How to change First day of the Week in Windows 10

In Windows, First day of week is a Regional setting. That means it depends on your system Region settings. However, you’re allowed to change individual settings like first day of week, long day format, and short day format. To change First day of week, you can do the following.

firstday_1 [1]

firstday_2 [2]

How to change First day of the Week in Outlook Calendar

As I said above, changing this setting in the system Settings doesn’t mean the same thing in Outlook Calendar will be changed. So here’s how to change First day of week in Outlook Calendar.


That’s all! You are done.