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How to downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 [Tip]

Downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 [1]The latest iOS 9.1 software update is now out and already installed on many iOS devices. The main feature people wanted to see was the new Emoji faces available when sending messages. One thing people might not have realized, however, was that you cannot run a jailbreak iOS 9.1 and that’s why knowing how to downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 is so appealing. Once you downgrade back to iOS 9.0.2, you can run the Pangu jailbreak and free your device away from those factory restrictions.




  1. Disable the Find My iPhone feature from the settings by navigating to the iCloud > Find My iPhone. You may turn it on again after you finish the guide.
  2. Disable the Passcode and Touch ID by navigating to the Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.
  3. Connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer using the USB cable.
  4. Launch the iTunes app on the computer.
  5. Click the ‘Device’, followed by ‘Settings’ and then ‘Summary’.
  6. Windows users now need to hold down the Shift key, while Mac users must hold down the Options key.
  7. Select the ‘Restore iPhone’ option that should arise.
  8. Browse the computer for the IPSW file. that’s the official iOS 9.0.2 firmware file you should have downloaded from the link given above in the same post.
  9. Now wait while iTunes restores that iOS 9.0.2 software update on your device and wipes the current iOS 9.1 update. Stay patients and get yourself a cup of tea or coffee because you might be waiting a while.