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How to boot into Fastboot Mode on Google Nexus 9 [Guide]

Google Nexus 9 [1]These are the instructions how to enter fastboot mode on Google Nexus 9 tablets. The fastboot mode is a universal mode for all Google Nexus devices. That means each device from the Google Nexus range comes with this same mode. The fastboot mode is sometimes referred to as the bootloader mode. It would be better if we just used one name so people didn’t get confused, but that’s the way it is.  The word fastboot is often more popular to use, but it causes the most confusions because people also know fastboot as a file they can download and not just a mode on a device. The fastboot and bootloader mode is important for your Nexus 9 since it is responsible for unlocking your bootloader, installing new updates via recovery mode and checking other important device information like its locked status.




  1. Start by turning the Google-based tablet completely off. Do that by holding in the Power key until it eventually turns off. Alternatively, just press the Power key once and then choose the “Switch Off” button on the devices display.
  2. Once the tablet is off, reboot it by holding the Power + Volume Up + Home.
  3. Keep holding the same three keys until you can see the fastboot/bootloader mode screen on the device.
  4. Look out for the Start option in the top right corner of the tablets display.
  5. Once you select that same Start button, you can then go on to select the recovery, wipe data, use adb commands and clear the system.
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