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How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G DoCoMo on Android 5.0.2 [Guide]

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-Plus [1]The DoCoMo variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can now be rooted thanks to Chainfire’s CF-Root tool which enables and installs SuperSU on your smartphone. Once you have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge rooted, you can head to your sources from around the web and start installing your apps that require root access like the Greenify [2] app.




  1. Download your Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G rooting bundle from this link [3].
  2. Extract the rooting bundle from the link above on the desktop of your computer. You can do that by dragging it over to the desktop from the default downloads location and then right-clicking over the file and choosing the “extract here” option.
  3. Double-click the Odin executable on the desktop and get the Odin app to open on your computer.
  4. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and reboot it in the download mode [4].
  5. Connect the Galaxy S6 Edge to the PC using the USB cable. if the drivers are installed, you will see the ID: COM port from the Odin app on the computer light up a color.
  6. Click the PDA button and browse the desktop for your CF-Root file.
  7. Click the Start button and Odin will now flash it on your device; you know it’s finished when the Odin flash tool gives you a pass message on your display.
  8. Wait for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to reboot back in normal mode — this should happen automatically if you had the Auto Reboot box checked. If not, you’ll need to reboot it manually.

Those of you who could not get the rooting package to flash on the Galaxy S6 Edge should try installing a different version of the Odin flash tool [5]. The Odin app comes in several versions. The one in this guide is the Odin 3.07. Try installing the Odin 3.09 or the Odin 3.10 and giving it another go. The Odin flash tool is known to sometimes not flash at times, but it’s impossible to predict when that will happen.