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How to unroot Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J110F/SM-J110G [Guide]

j1-ace [1]These are the instructions to unroot Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace smartphones using the Odin flash tool, your smartphone and a Windows computer.




  1. Download the stock ROM for the SM-J110F [4] if you have that version.
  2. Download the stock ROM for the SM-J110G [5] if you have that version.
  3. Download the latest Odin flash tool from this link [6].
  4. Download the files above directly to the desktop of the computer and then extract the files to the desktop. Do that by right-clicking the files once they are on the desktop and choosing “extract here” from the menu.
  5. Run the Odin executable file that’s on the desktop so the flash tool user-interface opens on your desktop. Leave it open so it can detect  your device.
  6. Boot the Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace in download mode [7].
  7. Connect the Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace to the computer using the USB cable.
  8. The message on the Odin app should say “added” if your drivers are working.
  9. Click the AP or the PDA button you can see from the Odin user-interface and browse the desktop for the stock ROM file you extracted earlier.
  10. Leave the default settings the way you found them from the Odin user-interface.
  11. Click the Start button to flash the stock ROM on your J1 Ace device when you are ready.
  12. Wait until it gives you the pass message on the display of your computer.
  13. The Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace should now reboot automatically. You are ready to use your device once the rebooting process is complete.

Those of you who cannot get the guide to work should go back to the Odin flash tool download page and download a different version, such as the Odin 3.09 or the Odin 3.07. It’s difficult to predict, but sometimes the flash tool will not flash for some devices unless you try flashing from a few different versions. One of them will eventually work. Those of you still not having success will want to look for the Samsung drivers and install them on the computer. If you know that you have installed the drivers and the device is still not detected in the Odin flash tool, try rebooting the computer and seeing if that helps.