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How to install TWRP Recovery on HTC One E8 (Sprint) [Guide]

htc-one-e8 [1]Installing TWRP recovery on your HTC One E8 smartphone will replace the stock recovery until you decide to flash the stock version back on the device in the future. Until that day comes, your new custom recovery has a few handy tricks up its sleeve that will allow you to do more than you could with your stock recovery. For starters, you get the ability to upload zip files, which is commonly exploited to upload custom ROMs and custom kernels. many also love using the NANDroid Backup feature that is completed by tapping on the ‘backup’ button from the main custom recovery menu.




  1. Download the TWRP package for the Sprint One E8 from this link [2].
  2. Extract the TWRP package on the desktop of the computer by right-clicking > extract there.
  3. Rename the recovery file for your E8 to something you can remember like recovery.img
  4. Set up adb on your Windows computer and keep the adb folder open.
  5. Copy the TWRP file over to the same folder as your adb and leave the folder open.
  6. From within that same folder we spoke of above with the TWRP and adb, hold down the Shift key and right-click the mouse to bring up a new menu on the desktop — it only works if you do it where there is no files in the folder.
  7. Choose to “open a new command window here” from that new menu.
  8. Leave the command prompt open on the computer and continue to the next step.
  9. Connect the HTC One E8 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  10. Type the first command in the command prompt: adb reboot bootloader
  11. The HTC One E8 smartphone will now reboot in bootloader mode.
  12. Type the next command to install the recovery: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  13. Type the last command: fastboot reboot

Sometimes your HTC One E8 might replace the custom recovery with the stock recovery during the first boot. For all those times, you should use Google [3] and find out the correct button combination to reach recovery mode on the HTC One E8 and apply those buttons when you are issuing your final command “fastboot reboot” during the guide. You should find the custom recovery now stays on your device.